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My name is Celeste and I am a certified at the Master Teacher Level in Usui, Karuna, Kundalini, Holy Fire Reiki, and Integrated Energy Therapy, (or I.E.T.)  I provide life coaching services and have many years experience giving intuitive spiritual tarot readings. As a vessel for high vibrations I access the zero point field, and utilize the principles of Matrix-energetics to co-create with you. If you are completely unfamiliar with Reiki and energy healing, find out more about it here.

While my studio is located in Burbank, CA, I work internationally with professional men and women who are ready to be empowered to achieve the life of their dreams. Whether you’re looking to balance and improve relationships, experience physical wellness, power and prosperity or are struggling with unresolved trauma, self-doubt and unfulfilled ambitions, I can show you how to clear destructive patterns, unleash your raw creative power and unlock new potentials and life-paths. I will align every cell in your body to the energetic vibration of Source and your souls purpose. This will bring you true joy and fulfillment beyond your wildest imaginings!

Having studied and applied the principles manifestation for many years, I have come to this conclusion: the fastest and best way to get what you want is to have it! By that I mean you must be in complete integrity with what you focus on and you must be able to feel its vibrational signature while being free from doubts or any conflicting emotions, background realities or spirit attachment. All these can hinder you, but remember that the universe is never conspiring against you. Complete freedom and joyful creation can be yours!

Are you prepared to experience spirituality in a way you never thought possible? If so, enjoy the empowerments and attunements that I offer. These energy systems are channeled from the heart of God to attract to you that which you are seeking. Hit-and-run spirituality is not what I offer. I only attune my students and clients to systems who’s integrity and effectiveness I can attest. There are no “dark” or “negative” systems here. I am so excited to share this with you! divider-curly1

What a healing session with me is like

To begin, I will need learn from you what you are wanting to have in your life. Then I will determine what vibration you will need to achieve and what must be transmuted in order for you to assume and hold that vibration. Some people need clearing/healing before they are able to retain the essence of what they want. Others do not. I can determine what would give you the most benefit from where you are at currently.

Whether a block is in your mental, physical, emotional or etheric body, one affects all! In addition to the healing modalities, I channel angelic and ascended master, totem animals and sometimes your personal guides.  I consider YOU to be the healer and me the facilitator.  Why? Because you have the desire while I have access to the energetic signatures of that which you seek.

I synthesize all that I have learned for a custom approach to each client. I may be compelled to be verbal about what I am “getting” energetically. I may say various prayers and decrees, or commune with beings that are helping to facilitate the session. However during really intense clearing sessions I am not able to be “present” in the egoic sense. Please know that during these times, it would only dilute the flow if I were to attempt to analyze or translate what is happening for the purposes of the ego. Miracles, in order to be received cannot be “tracked” by your conscious mind.

Before our session, please set aside time to create an intention. Clarity begets clarity. It makes the energy flow so much more powerfully and sometimes I will get a “download” of information for you before we’ve even met, as time and space do not exist in the higher dimensions. However, intent is what “matters”!

Of course, you must be open to receive. Some people might need to do more clearing before the systems can take effect.  Check in with your inner being before you purchase.  If you feel zero excitement about a system trust that feeling.  You have more foundational work to do. Some systems are reserved for people that are Reiki Masters.  This is because they are of a very high vibration and would not be beneficial to you at this time.  I am available for healing and clearing sessions and can utilize my toolbox of systems on your behalf, in the even that you are not ready for an attunement.

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