“I’m a girl from the United Arab Emirates, my first physic reading was with Celeste just to ask about few life matters i have. I wasn’t that knowledgeable about spirituality and energy healing and all, especially where i come from, our belief in such things is very limited. After few reading Celeste suggested books for me to read, and search certain topics that’ll enrich my knowledge. I started my journey with her in December 2015: i was stuck in unhealthy love triangle, i was in a self-destruction mode, depressed, push-over and a people pleaser, i loathed myself in every way, i was at a very bad place at my job (my boss was an a** to me) and was stuck in my negative habits that left me unhappy and miserable

I put in work with her and she guided me all the way, although i’m oversees but, she was committed, flexible and extremely patient with me! (Especially that English isn’t my first language) She treated me with care and love, and she always check on me after our sessions and keep up with my results and volunteered her own time. Her energy is so uplifting in many way; she helped me work through my darkest times.

June 2016: i lovelove myself, i’m in a better place in my job, i had the strength to cut all the toxic people out of my life,
I broke the cycle of abusive un healthy relationship, the way i talk to myself has never been better, i lost weight and i’m taking care of my body and improving myself image as well.

i’m in much higher place and most of all, i’m happy! Thanks to Celeste.

I’m now addicted to bettering myself to be the best person i can be and i always come back to her for more enlightenment. Everyone around me is noticing the change and they say i’m “lighter, happier and glowing”

Celeste is pure light in a form of a person i swear. I’m blessed that i crossed roads with her.”


Before the first session, I was struggling with a lot of resentment regarding my ex-boyfriend and felt that it was draining my energy and that it could interfere very negatively with the new relationship I was starting. You mentioned that you could feel some energy cords that were coming from my sacral, which needed to be cut in order for me to move on. During the session I had my eyes closed but I felt a sharp pitch somewhere around the area of my ovaries, which made me think I was ovulating. At the end of the session you explained that I might have felt exactly that and I realized that it was not the right time of month for the other alternative. That same evening, I went out with a friend and got to talking about my ex and noticed that the heavy resentment I had been feeling before was gone! I felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders! Thank you so much Celeste!

Thais Daddario, Los Angeles CA

I am a credentialed teacher of English (grades 9 – 12) and former nonprofit administrator with 20 years of experience working with children of all ages in Los Angeles.  Celeste (Moirabliss on keen) has been an advisor of mine for the past 7 years.  My association with Celeste has revealed her to be a remarkably talented healer with the highest ethical standards.  She has provided me with unique wisdom and energetic healing when I needed it most.  I feel our interactions have been consistently fulfilling, always serving to advance my spiritual growth and highest sense of purpose.

Lisa Gamache, Los Angeles CA

I had been having a lot of difficulty focusing and motivating myself at work. I knew what I needed to do, but just did not seem to make myself do it. Celeste mentioned after the healing session that a few things were a little out of balance and that I needed to be grounded in order to get stuff done. The very next day, I started making customer calls and have been on a roll since! I feel more capable of talking myself out of my previous patterns. And, once I was able to overcome my own inertia, it was much easier to keep going. I felt more focused, alert, and motivated. Thank you!

Robert, Ithaca NY

Wow! That was a heck of a reading today! I feel like I can walk away with so much more depth and understanding about my current situation. I too felt like this job change needed to happen! It is scary out there during difficult times, but you remind me to keep the light of a higher power in mind, as I am being directed and I feel it. I took your suggestions, and they all helped me. Everything you told me has come to pass…and I know you must truly gifted in order for that to happen. I look forward to what’s in store for the future and you’ve helped me embrace that, instead of fearing it. THANK YOU SO MUCH CELESTE!*****

Carla, Los Angeles CA


These are just some of the hundreds of reviews I have received from clients who found me at www.keen.com/moirabiss:

My first time reconnecting with Celestial Moirabliss, in a very long time. She’s really to be commended for her commitment to a very high level work and clarity. quite amazing! Thanks so much. She’s really something special…super clear minded, a great communicator and seer! Thanks so very much.


I wish I could give her 1 million stars. Celeste is so in-tune with your situation and feelings. She puts your mind at ease and is filled with positive light and energy. She is SO kind and pleasant to talk to. I always enjoy my talks with Moira!


There is not a rating higher enough for this woman !! she is not only the sweetest woman on here he is a unbelievable psychic. I didn’t say two words and she told me everything!! This woman is not on here for money trust me she is on here to help people. she is the real deal and the only one I want to talk too:) I love her!!! Most non-judgment woman and I cannot wait to talk to her againJ Call her you will not regret I know she will blow you away  🙂


Loved speaking with Celeste! She was very in tune with my energy and my angels and confirmed many of my own intuitive feelings. I left the call feeling very healed and uplifted!


1st reading. Very good reading. She really explained what she was getting and was very detailed. She read the person to a tee by the way. Almost like she knew him. I will take your advice … She really read this guy and what’s been happening very well! I am impressed. TY! She is truly gifted. Wish I could talk longer.


Thank you so much Celestial! You are always impeccable in your visions! You are always so accurate and soo soo gifted! Everybody should call you and see what you are all about! THANKS A MILLION!*****


Celeste’s readings are great! If you want a deep spiritual reading that is what you will get. Her professional friendliness makes it even easier to talk to her. Sometimes as she is reading for me I am just nodding my head as she picks up my situation so clearly. She helps me see things that I can’t see with my eyes. Also she has a big heart which is great to have when some truth is painful to hear. Thanks Moira and many blessing.


Wonderful call + thank you so much for clearing my energy yesterday… i do feel stronger each session and i am learning so much about how to stay grounded and clear. your work is beyond helpful to me… it’s a blessing 🙂 thank you Celeste!! xo


Excellent call >> was an odd/unusual/unique situation, with multiple actors, and this girl nailed it (whether details were positive or note, they resonated with how the theme and elements related). Well done, You!


Wow! What a truly gifted and connected lady. Thank you so much! First time calling and you were right on target. Thank you for connecting with my angels so I could get their answers to my questions.

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