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Are you prepared to experience spirituality in a way you never thought possible? If so, enjoy the empowerments and attunements that I offer.

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After Your Energy Healing Session

Thank you for coming in today!

What has changed and what happens after your session?

It is our perception of the issue / ailment that has shifted and when this happens the body follows by returning to it’s natural state of health and balance.You may feel some physical symptoms (fatigue, aches or flu-like symptoms that last a day or so) and/or you may have an emotional release. Not to worry, these are all signs that your healing is still underway. You may continue to experience these symptoms for the next few days to a week or more if we are working together consistently. Some people report feeling lighter and as though they can’t identify with the problems of yesterday, or with people they felt rather tethered to previously.

Why is this happening?

Your treatment has initiated the healing in your mind, body, & spirit. Your physical and energy bodies are responding and integrating the healing and balancing your system. You are put in a spiritual protective box so that you do not bleed energy during the integration of higher energies. Simply notice what arises and allow your body to do what it is doing in order to continue releasing.

Caring for yourself post-session

Drink lots of water.

Be patient with yourself. Allow your emotions to surface and be released.

Allow for extra rest and sleep. Listen to your body.

Meditate. Take walks in nature.

Do yoga, I especially recommend restorative yoga at this time.

Take a hot bath with Dead Sea salts.

How many Sessions do I need?

Ultimately 3 sessions are necessary to move forward to a new place of stability in relation to your situation.

  1. The first session is about REALIGNING with your Personal POWER and Divine Spark.
  2. The second session is about INTEGRATION of the new energy of harmony within.
  3. The third session is the STABILIZING factor, the coming together of all that you have learned and experienced both from our discussions and from your time within the womb of sound, the healing temple, the DreamWeaver.

Believe me, I would love to tell you that “in one session, you will be healed”, the fact is, it is determined by you and your belief system. If you truly believe that is all it takes, then that will be your reality. However, your trust, your commitment and your final outcome generally are based in repetition of a new way of being. Your self discovery process is uniquely your own.

THREE seems to be the magic number here. A series of 3 sessions booked closely together, from 10 days to 3 weeks apart, has a resounding effect within the body.The body begins to remember what it is to be calm, feel safe. You begin to know your true nature and TRUST your inner knowing. From here it is all down hill in a very good way.

Questions about your session?

I understand that questions can arise after a healing session or reading. I will gladly offer an email with clarification/support in regards to a matter pertaining to the session, or its effects within 3 days of the appointment. Please keep your email brief to ensure the most prompt response. I will do my best to offer clarification but I will not answer questions that require me to psychically link with you or another person, I do not answer questions that should be addressed during a session or reading. Depending on how busy I am it may take me a week to reply to your query. If you are in need of prompt response I recommend booking and appointment.

I recommend you take notes during the reading portion of our session. Please be aware that I do not spend time “deciding” what should go on before/during the session. While we can put focus on an issue and ask for support, your higher-self and mine ultimately make the determination as to what is to be done. I go into an altered state during our call, and when I cut cords- I cut our cords as well, therefore I cannot remember exactly what is said or done in each session. Keeping a journal for insights and questions that arise after healing sessions is helpful for your journey, and can help guide the next session, but understand that spirit may have other plans for your highest and greatest good.

I look forward to your next visit!

Many Blessings!

Celeste Creel

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