Welcome to my abundant healing sanctuary

"Realize deeply, that the present moment is all you ever have"

Eckhart Tolle

Welcome to my abundant healing sanctuary

Are you prepared to experience spirituality in a way you never thought possible? If so, enjoy the empowerments and attunements that I offer.


Advanced Integrated Energy Therapy

I have received certifications in the following schools of healing: Angelic Healing, Aka Dua (which is from the Toltec Lineage) Advanced Integrated Energy Therapy, and I am a Reiki Grand Master. In addition to clearing and healing work I help you align to your energetic vibration to that of your hearts desire.

“It is my desire to sit calmly, in the temple of my own body, between the two great pillars of positive and negative vibration, balancing them to the point where I radiate, to all whom I come into contact, the wonderful peace, poise, power, wisdom, love and harmony of God.”

~The Path of Light

Celeste Creel
Master Teacher

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I consider it a privilege and honor to facilitate your healing, expansion and empowerment.

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