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Venus Transit

Upgrade TF out of your Love Life and BEYOND your WILDEST DREAMS! +Shadow Integration!

Venus enters its pre-shadow period on June 19th in Leo. It begins retrograde on July 22nd and will station direct on September 3rd. It will stay in Leo until October 7th.

I know, I know, retrogrades tend to suck- but if you’re prepared they (and especially this one) can have BIG rewards. Also, Leo is a very exciting transit for Venus so I promise it won’t be boring.

   Venus in Leo is a time for grand gestures of love, generosity with others, and sharing your adoration with the people around you. Enjoy for enjoyments sake! Love for loves sake! Be the girl/boy Boss you know you can be!  But as there are retrograde energies, there will be some major lessons peppered in.

Here are some things to keep in mind:

  While you can feel free to RE-acquaint yourself with the Venusian love and light vibrations, like romance, friendship, fertility, abundance, and beauty, just recognize who doesn’t come with you. Seek to understand the moments that led up to feeling let down. Do you feel worthy of the love and life that you want? What comes up in the areas of attention, love and finance will SHOW you what you’re vibrating to. This part might be a smidge painful. Venus represents our personal values so be mindful that you will evaluate things very subjectively.  In other words, you’ll be in your feelings.  Do not, I repeat DO NOT get bogged down with trying to force anyone or anything around you to be a match. Do not waste your energy dwelling on the “dis” or be quick to blame them for not giving you what you want. We can only experience the expanse of a connection if we have the expanse already within. Re-connect with others all you want and let the good times roll, but is not a good time for permanent changes, like marriage,  getting a new pet, or cosmetic surgery, for example. The judgment is not so objective during the retrograde period. Work on getting the vibration of what you want before the thing itself.

So many false projections are possible during this time. An example can be getting a warm enthusiastic greeting from an old friend, but instead of being able to return that energy we imagine or re-create tension and hostility that’s deciding that the other person carries those intentions. Then we will respond with “ boundaries” that we think are healthy when really, it’s all a part of your distortion, because you have not transmuted something. Then it’s no longer boundaries but a wall. Where’s the fun, love, joy in that?!

No need to beat yourself up, because there will be more chances to reconnect, but do the real work of connecting to the beauty and balance within. And for the person with the warmth that is not being met halfway, recognize what is not for you and what cannot come with you and  keep it moving! Venus in retrograde is not a time to take things personally, or to shy away from harsh truths.

Remember, Venus is all about balance so this energy is always going to, give us the circumstances where we are meeting to learn more balance.

For a lot of us this process started already, but it will reach its peak during the Venus retrograde.


  Venus will conjunct Lilith, the Black Moon. Lilith is the rejected archetype. And she mad.

There are so many example of Lilith. The naughty office slut that cries in the bathroom, lol. The woman who is being thrown away in favor of the more honorable maiden. The one who relishes in her femininity but gets punished for it. In the myth of Lilith, she is the first woman who is tossed out of the garden because she didn’t want to feel inferior to Adam. She’s considered the “whore” and feels rejected, misunderstood, insulted, ignored, enraged, and wants revenge. Topics around gender equality, justice or feeling judged about something related to your femininity and how you express yourself or societal taboos will be highlighted here.  Don’t be surprised if these themes present themselves in your life or you feel triggered as this pain body will bring up something for the past that seeks healing on the collective. Ladies, self-care and healing the sacral chakra wounds is recommended during this time.




To spice things up even more, the robust combination of Mars and Venus Conjunction In Leo will take place for 32 days, i.e., from July 7, 2023, to August 7, 2023. Now here, while Mars is the planet of aggression and action, Venus is the planet of beauty and love. So what will happen when these two planets come together? increased energy and dynamism, the will to succeed, focus on money, and feelings of anger as well as ego pitfalls.

Reconsider your self-worth, confidence and how much love you have for yourself. What ways are you investing in yourself that directly instigate joy and your love of life?! Are you experiencing limitations with regard to this? Would more MONEY help? Of course it would!

   Luckily the money WILL come if you use the transit correctly. If you want to increase your income, the way to approach this is through your own self-worth. Look at where you may be de-valuing yourself. How do you talk to yourself? Is shame hidden somewhere in your energy body? Conversely, are you afraid of success? What is your attitude when you see someones rise to the top, and can you imagine your own. Do you squirm? If you had to move from your current digs into a mansion of your choosing tomorrow, would you actually enjoy the expansion? Are you intimidated or repulsed by it.


All change can be hard, even change for the better, and with Venus, change inevitable. Find more things that you can do that you’re good at- not what takes hard work- but look at what comes naturally to you! Venus Retrograde will remind you of your innate gifts and talents!

  Look out for conflicts between our own values, and what is socially expected. It way be tempting to indulge desires that are a bit outlandish or that may earn you contempt.  There will be temptations to indulge in pleasure-seeking. That’s not to say it’s right, or wrong, but there are always consequences to getting naked in order to scratch an itch ; )

  Alternative perspectives with regard to beauty are possible here too. Don’t get too obsessed with beauty trends that are dictated to you.

(Did I ACTUALLY just see that people are botoxing their trapezius muscles?!)

IF you can fight the monster of vanity and comparison and hold off on changing something external you will be rewarded with a more authentic and vibrant inner AND outer beauty as you achieve more inner balance, self-worth and sanctuary.

I suggest finding where Venus falls in your birth chart to explore the sign’s different flair or style in engaging in self-love rituals.

Peace and Hair-grease,



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