Energy Systems

To Go Beyond Reiki And Experience Spirituality

Are you ready to go beyond reiki and experience spirituality in a way you never thought possible? If so, enjoy the empowerments and attunements that I offer. If you are very clear about what you are seeking, an energy system may be the way to go.

Celeste Creel
Master Teacher

Some sites that will sell you systems that they have no in-depth familiarity with. Be wary of receiving attunements from a site that sells 1,000’s of systems. It takes time to develop a relationship to an energy system before you give an attunement. Hit-and-run spirituality is not what I offer. I only attune you to systems who’s integrity and effectiveness I can attest. There are no “dark” or “negative” systems here. I am so excited to share this with you!

Energy Systems

These e-manuals range from traditional Reiki to animal healing e-manuals, to magical energy e-manuals, Goddess e-manuals, healing how to e-manuals and more! Each e-manual contains an e-course and allows you to work at your leisure, in the comfort of your own home and progress at your own pace. All correspondence with your on-line course is sent by electronically by e-mail and your digital files are delivered electronically.

Please advise: Some systems have pre-requisites in place. These are terms decided upon by the systems founder and I am bound to respect these terms.