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Are you prepared to experience spirituality in a way you never thought possible? If so, enjoy the empowerments and attunements that I offer.

Opening Hours

Akashic Records -102 

Date:   August 27th

9:30am-12:30 pm  

Investment: $249

The Akashic Records are the past, present, and future knowledge of all things. At the time a soul begins to experience life as an independent entity, a field of energy is created to record every thought, word, intent, emotion, and deed generated by that soul. The Akashic Records are often referred to as a “library for your soul.”, or the “Book of Life”

You can access the Akashic Records for yourself or Others!

Some of the benefits of working with your Akashic Records include :

  • Learning and about the Impact of past-lives upon you today      
  • Understand Ancestral Patterns.
  • Get root causes for specific physical, mental, and/or emotional problems
  • Receive valuable guidance on how to work through present patterns challenges, or issues
  • Receive guidance and clarity to make a change or life transition, or help with specific relationships.
  • Get answers for specific physical, mental, and/or emotional problems
  • Connect to your soul’s purpose and who you truly are!

**pre-requisites: Akashic Records 101

Level 102 Course Highlights:

Preparing to Open the Records- we prepare 3 days prior to class

Receive an attunement to the energy of the Akashic Records, and a downloadable manual 

Personalized mentorship throughout the class

Learn the sacred prayers to open the records.

Practice and guidance as you access the Records for yourself!

Cleansing, Protection and Replenishment Energies

Sacred Prayers and Manuals are given prior to class. Attunement is completed during class. If you have never received an attunement before, let me know and I will take care to assist you in the process.

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Akashic Records -102 

Investment: $249


Early-Bird Registration Discount

Akashic Records 101 = $77
Akashic Records 102 = $349
Akashic Records 103 = $449
Three Records Total = $875 – 20% = $699


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