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Are you prepared to experience spirituality in a way you never thought possible? If so, enjoy the empowerments and attunements that I offer.

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Ground Your Spirit, Elevate Your Skills:

Usui Holy Fire Reiki III Master Class in Scotland's Majestic Realm

Embark on a mystical journey to the heart of Scotland and emerge a certified master healer. Amidst ancient landscapes and sacred sites, find profound healing and connect with your soul tribe and enhance intuitive skills.

A 3-day Intensive for locals or an 11-day Sacred Expedition for Global Seekers.

Heal Yourself - Discover yourself - Bare yourself - Define yourself - Treat yourself - Feel yourself - Love yourself - Reinvent yourself - Share yourself - Know yourself - Celebrate yourself 

Ready to Retreat?

Join us for an unforgettable 11-day Sacred Scotland Reiki Retreat that harmoniously blends the serene art of Holy Fire Reiki with the ancient majesty of Scotland's most sacred sites. This meticulously curated experience is not just a retreat—it's a passage through time, a deep dive into your soul, and an embrace with the ethereal energy of the land.

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Awaken Your Spirit in Edinburgh

Begin your journey in the heart of Scotland—mystical Edinburgh. As cobblestones echo with centuries of history, you'll lay the foundation of your Holy Fire Reiki Mastery training amidst the vibrant energy of this storied city.

Sacred Spaces and Serene Places

Traverse the threshold of the divine at Rosslyn Chapel, stroll in the shadows of the Fortingall Yew, and surrender to serenity at Fionn’s Rock. Each landmark a chapter in your unfolding tale of inner exploration.

Meditations and Glen Gatherings

Ascend Schiehallion, the 'Fairy Mountain,' for a soul-stirring meditation. Let the haunting beauty of Glen Coe envelop you as it whispers tales of ages past. Your Reiki practice will adopt the spirit of the land—powerful and peaceful.

Isle of Skye—Nature's Masterpiece

Experience the raw, otherworldly landscapes of the Isle of Skye. Contemplate your connection to the universe amid rugged terrain and soaring cliffs that leap towards boundless skies.

Ancient Stones, Timeless Energies

Stand amidst the Callanish Standing Stones under the open heavens, participating in a transformative Reiki circle that transcends time. Kilmartin Glen's stone circles will infuse your practice with profound stillness.

Scotland Retreat Itinerary

Day 1: Arrival in Edinburgh

- Participants check into accommodation - TBA
- Meet & Greet (or rest!)  and welcome dinner.

Day 2-4: Edinburgh – Holy Fire Reiki Training

 - Three full days of Reiki training in hotel conference room - TBA
- Evenings free to explore Edinburgh.

Day 5: Edinburgh – Roslyn Chapel – Glen Lyon

 - Morning visit to Roslyn Chapel.
- Afternoon travel to Glen Lyon.
- Visit Fortingall Yew and Fionn’s Rock.
- Overnight in Glen Lyon.

Day 6: Glen Lyon – Schiehallion – Glen Coe

 - Morning meditation near Schiehallion, the 'Fairy Mountain'.
- Travel to Glen Coe.
- Relaxing evening with group activities or individual reflection.
- Overnight in Glen Coe.

Day 7: Exploring GlenCoe

 - Guided excursions through the dramatic landscapes.
- Reiki sessions in nature.
- Overnight in GlenCoe.

Day 8: Glen Coe to Isle of Skye

 - Travel to the Isle of Skye, with stops at scenic viewpoints.
- Evening group session on integrating travel experiences with Reiki.
- Overnight on Skye.

Day 9: Isle of Skye – Callanish Stones

 - Morning exploration of Skye's mystical sites.
- Afternoon travel to the Isle of Lewis and Harris.
- Evening visit to Callanish Standing Stones for a special Reiki circle.
- Overnight near Callanish.

Day 10: Callanish to Kilmartin Glen

- Morning ferry and travel to Kilmartin Glen.
- Visit and meditate at the ancient standing stones and burial cairns.
- Share experiences: collective Reiki session reflecting the retreat's journey.
- Overnight in Kilmartin area.

Day 11: Kilmartin Glen – Edinburgh Departure

- Free morning for individual reflection and packing.
- Afternoon travel back to Edinburgh for departure.

This itinerary weaves through the power of the Holy Fire Reiki training with powerful sites across Scotland, allowing participants to deepen their Reiki practice in inspired tranquility, and a mentor-led spiritual community while cultivating the Holy Fire.

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