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Punishment Flush™

If you are a person who has ever made a mistake that you feel
deserves a punishment, you could be holding yourself back from receiving all manner of good things in your life.
There are many people who, because there has been no one to provide the proper punishment, constantly seek to punish themselves.
Often the punishment never feels severe enough, because they are resistant to the punishment, while at the same time, drawn to it.
Punishment Flush can release you from feeling the need to be punished for past mistakes, “sins” or “crimes”.
This will free you to fully engage in life, attracting and allowing good people, relationships and things to arrive into your life and stay with you.Likely benefits of Punishment Flush include but are not limited to:

  • Increased Self Worth
  • Reduced or eliminated self abuse
  • Flushing away of genetic lineage punishment imprints
  • Flushing away of soul lineage punishment imprints
  • Flushing away of imprints which provoke new punishments to be received
  • Acceptance of your Divinity
  • Acceptance of your right to be whole
  • Acceptance of your right to be free
  • Acceptance of others’ right to bestow good upon you
  • Claiming your right to demand respect of others toward you
  • Claiming your right to thrive!
  • Flushed victim positioning of undeserved punishment
  • Stepping into your personal power and authority in your life

Punishment Flush™ channeled and manual written by:

Rev. Mariah Windsong Couture ~ August 6th, 2011 ~ All Rights Reserved


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