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August Energy Forecast

How is everyone holding up this Leo season?’ We recently had a New moon in Leo that was conjunct Venus. We will have a second new moon on August 30th in Virgo. That’s TWO opportunities to big create change!

New ideas, inspired action and inspiration in regards to something close to your heart. Venus rules shag we love are attracted to, and whatever would create personal enjoyment and pleasure. So the days before and after this new moon, follow the promptings. What gives you the feeling of an inner sunrise?? What feels like play, or joy, or authentic self-expression and creativity? If the printing seem small or inconsequential- that’s ok! We need to start somewhere.

I don’t know about you all but I am already relieved to be out of the heavy cancer feels. Like, I’m soaking wet are you happy Cancer? We good?!? But the “too much ness” of Leo is for sure going to need to be kept in check. I don’t know about you but I’m ready for … new hair, new clothes, new goals, a new car, new house, ready to go back to dance class, and to elevate all of my relationships to a place of mutual respect and admiration- oh and that includes the respect and admiration of my child (very Leo like) If I’m not inspired by a person, place or thing, if it doesn’t encourage authenticity, and if it leaves me feeling down in the dumps- it’s GONE…. by September and mid October at the latest.
The danger with the awareness of what we want to HAVE is that the tossing out of the old gets looked over. We have to make room for the new if we want that new energy to dominate and set the tone. It may mean being a little stripped of the safety net that we’re used to or what we know of ourselves- our identity. But if we’re SURE we want, SURE we deserve, CERTAIN that we are ready, then we must be in integrity with that. Leo season is like buying the new sexy underwear just for yourself: Buying it for the gram, or your man, won’t really go over too well right now.
Oh, and do yourselves a favor-fav and throw out those old undies. please.
I’m guilty of buying new cute underwear and not throwing out my ripped lace ones. Instead I’ll designate the old one my “surprise it’s your period” underwear. Either that or I end up not wearing my new ones because …well,then I won’t have new ones…
wtf is that?!
It’s a little bit of fear disguised as practicality and prudence mixed with lack mentality- a balanced Leo would call that “insanity”. “Petty”. “Triflin’”!
Actually they wouldn’t even be able to process the above they’d subconsciously skip over it.

If you need a biting Virgo season to get your act together, the dude will abide. Try to not though. I’d hate for you to miss out on a wonderful harvest because your hands were full of old stuff you need to take to goodwill.
I don’t just mean things. Your plans. Your new stuff, your ideas. Be a CLEAN vibrational match, and don’t try to do more than is being asked or you’ll be tired in the fall when it’s really time to get moving. Mercury goes direct on the 1st of August but it will stay in shadow for two weeks. Get off of your phone. Stop with the Instagram stories and dare to sustain your self-image with the only audience that matters. You. Dare to hold yourself together splendidly without bleeding energy into your devices. Trust that it is STILL not the time to be a showboat. Everyone is looking, but nobody cares. Not right now. Save your thumbs dear ones. Anyone qualifying a selfie with spiritual guidance or advice needs to stop. It’s just not going to go over well. At least till Mercury retrograde is out of shadow.

Some things are NOT an option for a Leo. To capitalize on Leo season here are some musts:

-A well-kept appearance ( hair did )
-Generosity. Giving is Receiving!
-Fun in the sun with loved ones (shade is for flies- but great hats are ok )
-Appreciation for yourself and others.

Sure these are not the only Leo characteristics but if you need to do anything – do those. Do them with reckless abandon. Flaunt your superiority by actually living your best life and keeping your flame softly lit. Do not seek to engulf, destroy, or blind others to your faults. Use the pink flame, not the red, and you will be fine. As my little Ruby would say “All pink, no apologies”

Much Love to you all!

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