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Triple Goddess Prayer and Activation.

Triple Goddess Prayer and Activation

Goddess of The Silver Moon

Mistress of Mysteries

Queen of the Sea!

We call upon you in ancient names

Artemis, Cerridwen, Hecate!

Beloved sister of the hidden wood

Child enchantress, star of the night!

We call upon you of the untamed wilds;

Descend with your laughter and secret delight.

Beloved Mother of the ageless womb, from which the many worlds at once were born;

We call upon you of the gentle Earth from whose breast and who’s belly our bounty is shorn.

Beloved wise-woman, spinner of fates!

Weaver of dreamwebs; the bearer of Death,

We call upon you of the waning skies;

Grant me your vision and open my eyes!!

Goddess I ask that you live within me.

Grant me your knowing and show me to see!

Lend me your wisdom and love of all things.

Goddess of magic I call unto thee!

Artemis, Cerridwen, Hecate!

Artemis, Cerridwen Hecate!

Artemis, Cerridwen, Hecate!

May the powers of the One, the source of all creation, all-pervosive, omnipotent, eternal. May the Goddess, the Lady of the Moon, and the god, Horned Hunter of the Sun; May the powers of the spirits of the stones, rulers of the elemental realms, may the powers of the stars above and the Earth below, bless this place, bless this time, and I who am with you.

Lunar Eclipse in Leo January, 21st, 2019!!


Lunar Eclipse in Leo January, 21st, 2019!!

Lunar Eclipse in Leo January, 21 2019!!   Blessings Dear Ones! I haven’t done a forecast in quite some time, but I always feel compelled to dish the dirt on eclipse energies and help you (and myself!)  prepare. ( words with asterisks** have further definition below ) This January 21st, 2019 **Super, ***Blood moon Eclipse in willContinue Reading

Why a Luxury Retreat?

Why a Luxury Retreat?   Quite a few people have asked me why I created a luxury retreat as opposed to something more low-key, crunchy and accessible.   Truthfully, the idea of a retreat always seemed to be a bit “extra”. When an opportunity to go to a blissful wellness retreat would arise I would think,Continue Reading

Gougane Barra

“Upon my encounter with Gougane I felt a feeling of happiness, a surge toward praise, this sudden apprehension of the world as light, as illumination.” Associated with Celtic Christianity, thin places are certain landscapes where the veil between heaven and earth is said to grow diaphanous, thresholds that, once crossed, usher the visitor into aContinue Reading

The Sacred Bee

  The Sacred Bee   Imagine getting a spiritual visitation from one of these! Intense, right? Still, for this girl, a night that includes a visitation from a spirit guide, loved one, or ascended being, file that under best. night. EVARRRR!!!! One of the very BEST happened in July, 2018 when was granted visitation from, what IContinue Reading

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