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Lunar Eclipse in Leo January, 21st, 2019!!

Lunar Eclipse in Leo January, 21 2019!!


Blessings Dear Ones! I haven’t done a forecast in quite some time, but I always feel compelled to dish the dirt on eclipse energies and help you (and myself!)  prepare.

( words with asterisks** have further definition below )

This January 21st, 2019 **Super, ***Blood moon Eclipse in will be Leo!

As with all eclipses, sudden and lasting shifts are possible! Extreme healing, complete rejuvenation- or radical destruction and devastation if that is what you’re after.

In the world of wizardry there is a known technique of generating the vibration of luck through the willful “atrophy” of whatever is no longer useful. That is what an eclipse does for us! There is an ending, but it is not unexpected and it is ultimately benevolent.

On Monday the Sun is changing sigs in Aquarius and the Full Moon eclipse will be in Leo on Sunday (or Monday, depending on where you are) This is the final eclipse we will have in Leo until 2021! This eclipse is not making any major “conversations” with any of the other power players in the sky to it is pure LEO, baby!

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The emphasis is definitely on the personal when it comes to this eclipse. This eclipse in Leo has to do with ego and understanding a healthy form of ego. We often only think of ego as our false self, or the childish aspect of us that is interested in our immediate needs. However there are very healthy adult expressions of ego as well!  Knowing that you are worthy of basics such as self-care, valuing your time-even the desire to do your best, to shine and be seen! Being visible takes courage, and it takes humility to recognize that you can handle the responsibility of loving all parts of yourself, inner and outer. Leo has to do with celebrity and rulership- so you may see yourself having awareness of whether the leaders are residing in healthy or unhealthy ego.

Leo represents the power of our heart; both literal and metaphorical. Are we living life of authentic passion and self-honesty. Are you giving to yourself? If you do not give to yourself, you are telling the universe that you are not ready to receive. What do you truly desire? Does it involve sacrifice? It may, in which case you may feel tension on the same day of the eclipse as Mars will reach a place of tension with Saturn. This adds a touch of restraint saying, “go ahead and “want” what you want, but there is value in being strategic, in tempering impulsiveness, and there may be some things that are worth sacrificing for.”  The theme of “worthy sacrifice” is strong with this eclipse, but be careful that you have the big picture in mind. There may be some things that feel restricted through sacrifice. If you are sacrificing too much, you will know. Lots of people are trying to find control where it doesn’t exist, and are not controlling what they should and can. To illuminate these areas for yourself will give you so much more in the long run. As you take responsibility it becomes very clear how to remedy your deficiencies.

By the end of the week it will ALL make sense as Mars reaches out in supreme harmony with Jupiter This is a FANTATSIC trine that happens very rarely- especially with Mars in it’s home of Aries and Jupiter in it’s home of Sagitarius, making the transit much more potent.  Great blessings are promised to us! This is the energy where we feel certain sacrifice pays off, or conversely when being unwilling to sacrifice any more pays off at the end of the week.

The power to eclipse the past and leap into a future that is grounded in ease will be present this week. By the weeks end you will find divine solace and fulfillment come much easier. However you must get past the desperation, compulsive and oblivious fear of what we can’t control.

This is a time that gives you free will and rage. There is a lot of power and capability in our hands but we are being called to remember our graces, our virtues. Create the template for your future now!

**Super-moon- closest angles approach to the earth, making it look huge. Our emotions will run high and you will see repressed emotions, or even those that have always been small will grow and be on the forefront. Empathy and loving vibrations can be heightened as well so take advantage of that.

***A Blood moon just means its red because of atmospheric condition- no one really knows why, but imagine how intense it must have been in during the times periods when the sun/moon were our main light/energy sources! To have a moon change color or for the light of the sun or moon to become eclipsed in any way- well that created a very foreboding and even malevolent impact on the viewers.

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