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Are you prepared to experience spirituality in a way you never thought possible? If so, enjoy the empowerments and attunements that I offer.

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Gougane Barra

“Upon my encounter with Gougane I felt a feeling of happiness, a surge toward praise, this sudden apprehension of the world as light, as illumination.”

Associated with Celtic Christianity, thin places are certain landscapes where the veil between heaven and earth is said to grow diaphanous, thresholds that, once crossed, usher the visitor into a heightened awareness of God’s presence. What follows is a lifting of weight, a sudden illumination. Ms. Beresford-Kroeger, an Irish tree scientist and famous biochemist who studies the effects of forest aerosols on human health was asked about “Thin Places” and she had a lot to say about Gougane Barra, an island on a small lake where St. Finbarr the monk built an oratory in the 6th century, a place, she said, possessed numinous qualities. “There’s a wall of prayer surrounding that place,” she said. “I would feel it when I approached. The genius loci, the spirit of the place, would be palpable.”

The name in Irish is Guagán Barra, meaning “the rock of Barra”.

“Barra” refers to St Finbarr, the patron saint of Cork, who is reputed to have built a monastery here during the 6th century.

The drive inland to Gougane is a spectacular one, the road small and winding as it wends its way up through the mountain passes. As you turn off the main road nothing prepares you for the sight at the end of the long, winding lane. Suddenly the landscape opens out and there is a magnificent rocky amphitheatre with a huge lake, and in the centre, the small island with its picturesque Oratory.

As you enter the grounds you pass the old well. The church looks as beautiful closer up as it does from the road, and an old bell hangs from the remains of the 6th century monastery walls.

Outside, the remains of the monastery are crumbled moss covered ruins; there is feeling of peacefulness in this west Cork valley. It is believed that St Finbarr spent time here before making his way to Cork city. There he established another settlement close to the current site of St Finbarrs Anglican Cathedral.

It’s no small coincidence that certain landscapes attract artists, healers, and mystics. And when reviewing the fruits of their creativity, it’s hard to separate the artist from the landscape. Think of Yeats without Ireland’s landscape woven into his poetery. Max Ernst painted the Sedona desert long before he physically saw it.

It’s hard to argue that matter, “matters” when you’re trying to create. The earth energy in thin places affect the creative mind and spirit through clearing and quieting the monkey mind and allowing universal truths, insights, and divine perspectives to penetrate.

The stronger, more revered, and pristine the earth’s energy is,  the more it will enhance a person’s root chakra, which will in turn activate the crown. Depending on what took place in the place you stand, the heart will also begin to activate, receiving blessings of expansion from both mother earth and the heavens. It is in the activation of these three centers that we can receive and ground of our life’s purpose through the soul-star and earth star chakras. 

To come into contact with ones signature purpose gives us the divine blue-print of our unique service on the planet. And it feels wonderful. Such is, I believe, the blessing of a Thin Place such as Gougane Barra.


All Who participate in The Sacred Enchantress Reiki 1&2 Retreat will receive an attunement to Earth Soul Anointing! You will receive a chi ball of the attainment as well as a manual in pdf form.

Earth Soul Anointing™ is a dose of Earth’s Soul energy. People who are skilled at shamanic style spiritual journeying or are able to sense the presence of Angels and Nature Spirits in their meditations will likely have a more profound experience with Earth Soul Anointing than someone who doesn’t feel subtle energies.                                                                                    



 Any sincere seeker will benefit from this anointing. Your connection with nature spirits is likely to increase. Earth Soul Anointing is to be approached with reverence! This is an anointing of the Earth’s Soul energy. It is not for us to ask for additional things, not to “run, her energy. We are granted the privilege of an up close meeting with the Earth’s soul energy, and are simply to be grateful to be within the core of who she IS.


If she feels you are ready for a more visceral meeting in a very conscious way that you will remember, the She will grant it to you. 

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