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Water Vitalizer – Angelic Flower of Life


Water Vitalizer – Angelic Flower of Life

  Our drinking water is no longer as safe as we think it is. Besides the fact that it has many impurities, the water also carries all kinds of information and dirty energy with it. With a water vitalizer you can clean the water energetically!

This water vitalizer plate contains an enormous amount of sacred geometry which energetically purifies the water and neutralizes the memory of the water.
By placing a glass or a carafe with water on the plate for about 10 minutes, the water is already energetically cleaned.

This plate is big enough for large jugs with water.
Plate dimensions: 25 x 21.65 cm
Material: 100% recycled acrylic plastic

***The Sacred Geometry Plate can also be used as a crystal grid for your distant healing purposes and comes with all Silver, Gold, and Diamond Retreat Packages!

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