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Are you prepared to experience spirituality in a way you never thought possible? If so, enjoy the empowerments and attunements that I offer.

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“I’m a girl from the United Arab Emirates, my first physic reading was with Celeste just to ask about few life matters i have. I wasn’t that knowledgeable about spirituality and energy healing and all, especially where i come from, our belief in such things is very limited. After few reading Celeste suggested books for me to read, and search certain topics that’ll enrich my knowledge. I started my journey with her in December 2015: i was stuck in unhealthy love triangle, i was in a self-destruction mode, depressed, push-over and a people pleaser, i loathed myself in every way, i was at a very bad place at my job (my boss was an a** to me) and was stuck in my negative habits that left me unhappy and miserable

I put in work with her and she guided me all the way, although i’m oversees but, she was committed, flexible and extremely patient with me! (Especially that English isn’t my first language) She treated me with care and love, and she always check on me after our sessions and keep up with my results and volunteered her own time. Her energy is so uplifting in many way; she helped me work through my darkest times.

June 2016: i lovelove myself, i’m in a better place in my job, i had the strength to cut all the toxic people out of my life,
I broke the cycle of abusive un healthy relationship, the way i talk to myself has never been better, i lost weight and i’m taking care of my body and improving myself image as well.

i’m in much higher place and most of all, i’m happy! Thanks to Celeste.

I’m now addicted to bettering myself to be the best person i can be and i always come back to her for more enlightenment. Everyone around me is noticing the change and they say i’m “lighter, happier and glowing”

Celeste is pure light in a form of a person i swear. I’m blessed that i crossed roads with her.”


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